1. Are robocalls or voice broadcast effective
Voice Broadcasting Robo Calling is still effective during public elections . Automated robo services are best used to increase voter identification of a candidate, stating issues. and for clarifying a position. They are most helpful after a candidate is hit at the last minute and an immediate robo call service response would set the record straight. Robocall services can be delivered for rates as little as a half of a penny per call. As an alternative, some campaigns are beginning to utilize Ringless Voice Messaging services through our “Voice Messenger Service.” Both robo services are available here at ePolitical USA at the lowest cost in the nation. We can help you with strategies and scripting. Give us a call at (213) 263-5900 for more details or if you have any questions.

2. Are robocalls illegal?

You should check with your local Registrar of Voters or election authority before contracting to use our services if you are in doubt. Our opinion for political voice broadcast to California only is that if you have obtained your voter phone data record from a legitimate California election data supplier who gets their phone data “ONLY” from a county Registrar of Voters or California Secretary of State then calling those numbers you have obtained are legal to call. In California when a voter registers to vote the voter registration form lists his/her phone number as optional, it is not a requirement. Therefore if the voter provides his phone number he is opting in to receive calls. There is also a long history of opinions that support  political robo calls as a candidate’s exercise of free speech. As an alternative to automated voice calls and to avoid this controversy candidates are switching to new ring free  voice messaging services we provide Ringless Voice Messenger at the lowest cost in the nation.


3. What are ringless voice messages? How do they work? Are they compliant?
Ring Free Messages also known as Ringless voice messaging is the newest communication technology for voter message delivery. Our Ringless Voice Messenger service allows communications to reach voters politely and with greater effect that robo calls . The messages are delivered to voicemail boxes without a cell phone ever ringing. This service is 100% compliant as it never really goes through telephone lines but rather an Internet server delivering directly into their voice mailbox. Clients of ePolitical USA receive a greater advantage and benefit with our Ring Free Voice Messaging because we have the lowest political pricing in the United States.
4. Should my campaign have a political social media manager?
 It’s becoming unimaginable for a political campaign to be competitive without some type of social media taking place in their campaign. You’re giving your competitor a greater definite edge if you are not having a social media strategy. ePolitical USA is a pioneer of political social media management and no one does it better and more cost effectively then our professional IM team.
5. What is a political social media strategy?
 Most people will assume a social media strategy is only about being on Facebook, but nothing could be further from reality. A Facebook strategy would be the minimum social media a campaign you’ll want to do. Depending on one’s commitment to outreach,  social media strategies range from a simple Facebook page to very sophisticated strategies involving video and webinars, it depending on the financial resources available. ePolitical USA ‘ s social media management team is internationally recognize for its in depth knowledge of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Bing blogging, tumblr, SEO and more. In addition, we produce videos for our clients and know how to place them throughout the Internet where traffic is high and targeted to the geographical area of the candidate. You also access to our own software and platform for internet webinars that is again a pioneering political innovation of ePolitical USA.

6. Why is a Google Mobile friendly optimized website design important?
 Your Website must be Mobile Friendly or Responsive. In addition to being able to view your Website from traditional Desktops and Laptops, more and more people are expecting to be able to view your site from Mobile Phones and Tablets. And a growing percentage of those people are now “Mobile-Only,” meaning they will never be using Desktops or Laptops when they come to visit your Website.

From the beginning, our Websites have been designed to be Mobile Friendly or Responsive. This means that your Website will look great, no matter which device your visitors are using when they arrive.

When your visitors view your Website from their Mobile Phones, they can try out one of our amazing new features: They can use their finger to tap on many of the Phone Numbers located throughout your site, and their Mobile Phone will call you directly from your Website. Go ahead… Grab your Mobile Phone, type in our Website URL and try it for yourself.