Election Webinars

TrainingStar 275x220Webinars and training for elected officials. staff, candidates, and the volunteer  wanting to get more involved or PAID!

  • Elected officials and staff member training webinars
  • Political candidate and campaign Volunteer training
  • How to research if you will be a viable candidate.
  •   How to plan a winning election strategy
  •   How to fill out the political reporting forms correctly the first time!
  •   How to gather signatures for political candidates, initiative, or recalls.
  •   How to develop effective automated voice broadcast robocall messages.
  •   What is the best political public opinion survey poll for me.. Live polling vs automated IVR robo polls
  •   How to produce a reliable IVR opinion robo poll survey that will attain support and financial donations
  • Who NOT to robo call or robo poll.
  • How to remove your name and phone number from political robo call/poll lists.
  • How to use voter tracking software applications and software.
  • How to get more involved in politics as a volunteer.
  • How to get hired by a political campaign.
  • How and when to prepare a recall campaign.
  • How an elected official can avoid being recalled
  • How to easily avoid criminal charges and prosecution from a prosecutors favorite offenses
  • Plus more to be announced…

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