Robo Poll Press Release- San Diego Mayoral Special Election 2013

A Nov 13, 2013 robo poll of 2,044 participating high propensity voters in the City of San Diego was conducted by ePolitical USA. The poll of the upcoming Special San Diego Mayoral Election next Tuesday revealed that Councilmember David Alvarez and Businessman Nathan Flethcher are head to head in battle to make it into a run-off with another Councilmember, Kevin Faulconer, who maintained a comfortable lead at the head of the pack with 36.1% percent of the vote. Former City Attorney Michael Aguirre trailed the top 3 with only 6%, 2.9% indicated they would support someone other than the top 4, and 8.3%  voted they still were still undecided.

Councilmember Faulconer, the  lone Republican in the top 4 of the competition was  followed by Democrats  Alvarez with 24.1% while  Nathan Fletecher polled 22.6%  and then Michael Aguirre.

ePolitical USA Principal owner, Tony Inocentes said one of the big surprises unveiled by the poll is that just 8.3% responded that they were undecided at this point.  Inocentes said with the election only next Tuesday most voters appear anxious to  move on. He said the robo poll results support his opinion that voters are really focused on this race as most are behind a candidate.

ePolitical USA is a non-partisan political services provider that is the original pioneer of political robo polling nationally. They conducted their 1st political robo poll on October 31, 2002, in Lynwood, CA.  Inocentes said when conducted properly their polls are rarely off  by more than 1%. He said this Mayoral Poll is  + 2%.  A video was released about this poll on the ePolitical USA’s You Tube channel today also. The video release is available at by searching  “Robo Poll for San Diego Mayor” on you tube or on google.

Voters choose who is the San Diego Mayor